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Learn more about the Delta Variant and Key Tools For Prevention in our latest webinar!

Watch our webinar below with Dr. Qutaishat as he discusses the Delta Variant and building your toolbelt to combat this and future variants of COVID-19. Learn about...

  • Delta mechanics, how it works and spreads.
  • Why the mutation and what that means for the future.
  • Prevention - why good cleaning and disinfection is a must.
  • Prevention part II - in room occupant level air purification, the next step.
  • Remediation - how do I approach this?
The Budd Group Webinar with Dr. Qutaishat 8.19.21


The Twindemic - prepare for the flu season and Covid-19

Hear from Dr. Salah Qutaishat on the key components to protect your team, based on science and his professional experience with pandemics. Let our knowledgeable team guide you through this time with our recommendations for immediate action.

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Back to Work at the New Normal

View our discussion with Dr. Qutaishat about getting Back to Work at the New Normal: life after a pandemic and how to protect your team.

There are a lot of things to consider when crafting a back to work strategy for your team and facility. Hear Dr. Qutaishat's thoughts, based on the science and experience with pandemics and outbreaks, about the key components to an effective start-up.

COVID-19 Update Webinar

Join us for another talk with Dr. Salah Qutaishat, an epidemiologist and expert in Infection control. Dr. Qutaishat will discuss a current update on Coronavirus in the US, key considerations for completing a risk assessment for your facilities, mitigation strategies and other topics.

Coronavirus and Disinfection Services Webinar

Watch our talk and presentation with Dr. Salah Qutaishat, an epidemiologist and expert in infection control. Dr. Qutaishat gave an expert's up to date view on COVID-19, the mechanics and physiology of virus, personal health insights related to COVID-19 and an overview of infection prevention basics for your facilities.

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